Saturday, September 01, 2012

Alliance against MDRO: Safeguarding antibiotics.

Alliance against MDRO: Safeguarding antibiotics.

August 2012

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  • Alliance; 
  • Antibiotics; 
  • Resistance to antibiotics; 
  • Hygiene; 
  • Antibiotic stewardship
Resistance to antibiotics has increased recently to a dramatic extend, and the pipeline of new antibiotics is almost dry for the 5 next years. Failures happen already for trivial community acquired infections, like pyelonephritis, or peritonitis, and this is likely to increase. Difficult surgical procedures, transplants, and other immunosuppressive therapies will become far more risky. Resistance is mainly due to an excessive usage of antibiotics, in all sectors, including the animal one. Action is urgently needed. Therefore, an alliance against MDRO has been recently created, which includes health care professionals, consumers, health managers, and politicians. The document highlights the different proposed measures, and represents a strong consensus between the different professionals, including general practitioners, and veterinarians.

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